Respective Getaways

More and more
in the midst of suffering fools in the world
I notice in their eyes
an increase of impatience
as they prepare their excuses
and seek to make their respective getaways from me.
From me.

The very people
I am teeth-gritting,
yet barely tolerating,
are politely seeking escape
from my company
– which is fine, I suppose.
These are people
(such as they are)
never worth my time,
by my own esteemed estimations,
so being out of their presence is all to the good.
But that fact that that feeling might be reciprocated?
Frankly, it hurts.

How can people be so heartless?
Don’t they see
that I am but a man
with emotions
and blood that bleeds
when cut to the quick
from such short shrift?
I ache from these wounds
and the insensitivity
of those who treat me so.

I am better than that.
Why should they judge me
that way?

They suck.
I’m glad I judged them first.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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