All Apologies #0068

I feel like, in some way,
I have erred.
When I shouted out
during your open mic set
that you should change your band name
– a band that didn’t yet quite exist –
to House Dad
and got the audience all riled up
shouting all along with me
up and down the aisles
“House Dad! HOUSE DAD!”
and then convinced you
perhaps against your will
to form that band
and call it House Dad
and buy the domain name
and the cards
and the billboards
I was perhaps impertinent
and certainly premature.

For in the bright light of morning
it has occurred to me
how ill-fitting an identity that would be
for you and your cohorts.
You (and yours) deserve a better brand
that that poorly provided nomenclature
I so hastily bestowed last night.
I’m sorry for before.
Please accept “Realty Dad” as my apology
along with hearty hopes
that you can get a partial deposit back
on the billboards.

You’re welcome.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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