The Guestimate

I didn’t know you fucked her.
I thought you guys just talked a little
maybe did some hand stuff.
I thought she gave you some attention
and you talked to her
but you were only collecting information
for my cause
since you knew of my feelings for her
and your devotion to me
was so very strong.

I thought you would support me
and back me up
and defend me,
speaking well of me,
and if she put a hand on your thigh
you might sigh, sure,
but you would take that hand away
and you would not lay with her
and you would say nay
or something like it.

I suspected you would show restraint.
I hoped she would change her mind.
I guessed you guys got along.

I knew you guys talked.
I knew something happened with you two.
I knew something happened between you.
I knew something happened
– I did.
I just didn’t know you fucked.
I thought…
but I didn’t know.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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