Unlike Opals

It’s been weeks since I declared my undying like for you
and you responded with a resounding “meh.”
I had hoped that time might still the beating heart
of the eternal beast that is my like
but so far
a glance at your glorious visage
returns that weakened creature
to full strength
and I can do nothing else
but think of you
and say dopey things,
like… pretty everything so far.

I still like you
despite my knowing better
and despite you knowing better
and despite us having known nothing of each other
since the aforementioned “meh”
so it’s not really you that I’ve been liking lately
and maybe it never was
but I’m still thinking of something that resembles you
and I’m liking it
or liking looking at it
in my mind’s eye
and I wish it were you
and I wish you were here
and I wish Pink Floyd were still together
and doing things
but not that early Syd stuff
because I could never really get into any of that.
I only liked their mainstream stuff
and Momentary Lapse or Reason
and if you have one of those tracks
and want to retract your “meh”
then maybe you’d like to give me a call?

Like, anytime now.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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