The Last Word

Is this it?
Have you finally reached the point
where you lack a response?
No pointed poison dripping from your lips?
No pointless attacks?
Not one ponderous pontification
or any other particular to pursue?

Have you reached the potluck
at the end of the rainbow
where everybody brings their fair share
but you’d previously contributed all of yours
long ago
so you’ve got nothing more to add?

Is it possible that at last
we have reached the time
where seasons end
and suns die
and god’s wither and pigs fly
and you have lost the will
to have the fucking last word?

Have we arrived at a place
where you’re done talking
and we can move along
in blessed silence
for at least a little while?
Has peace settled upon the land
now that, at long last,
you have nothing to say?

Or did I give you enough time
to think of something more
once again?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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