Go Forth

With you so recently
declaring me an independent entity,
I have had time to think
and rethink everything
that might have brought you
to that particular decision.

I have as of yet
come to no conclusions
and suppose
it doesn’t matter
how we’ve arrived here
for you’re emphatic
about the order
in this brave new world
that you’ve written into being.
Surely no amendment of my suggestion
will pass muster.

I wish I could fight your will
convince you of the justness of my cause
but you’ve already reviewed me so harshly.
I can’t imagine any way to appeal
to your kinder impulses.
It’s obvious how you yearn
to be free of me.

And so it is so.
We are a house divided
and I’m left at liberty.
You have earned
what you fought so hard for.

Enjoy it.
This freedom
may not last
so long as you think.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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