There are only so many hours
so much time within which
you can function
you can accomplish
you can earn.
There are only so many moments
during which you can prove
that you deserve to be here
instead of some other karma-fucked sucker
who was cursed into the body of a worm
or a Welshman.

You are awake, perhaps,
sixteen hours, and functional,
if lucky, for twelve of them.
Seven hundred twenty minutes.
A shitload of seconds,
if you stay on your game.
What can you accomplish in that time
to make you worthy
of everything you’ve got?
Do the math.
Have you done your part
to prove you’ve earned your keep?

With your job
or your deeds
or your relationships
or your thoughts
or your donations
or some shit that you’re not thinking of today figure out
if you’re deserving

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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