A Impeccable Poem for John S Hall to Cover

(approval pending)
This is a poem that IJohn S Hall
famous art poet
and King Missile rock band leader
did not write
but rather
Jon Berger did
because he is a great poet
and is really handsome
and I think he can do amazing things
with words
and ideas
and I think we should be great friends
even if
we don’t talk
as much as we should
probably because
I am shy
and he is a shy
but if we were to get together
I’ll just bet
we could have really smart conversations
for hours and hours
(and maybe hours?)
and laugh and sing
and maybe massage each other’s scalps
but that would probably tickle
so maybe not.

I think Jon Berger
is really cool
and I’m really cool
so I think it would be cool if we hung out
and maybe did a poet art project together
called The Johns
except Johnny Dydo already has that name
so… shit.

To conclude:
Jon Berger – really great.
John S Hall says so.
There is no period after the S.
That is an artistic choice.
Thank you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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