Call of the East

Easthampton calls.
She misses you
and wonders what you’ve been up to. Easthampton hopes that everything is going just swell. She has been looking through the old books
and recollecting.
Do you remember the last parking spot
in that scenic area
and the dancing
under impossible starlight?
Easthampton does.
She remembers it all
quite well.

Easthampton has been pretty busy
and hasn’t kept up
with much of the old crowd
and she knows things maybe hadn’t ended that well between you, Easthampton does,
but she still had your number
and she thought it was worth a shot
to pop it in
and see what you were up to.
Easthampton’s just really happy
to hear your voice.

Easthampton hopes it’s OK.
Easthampton hopes you don’t mind.
Easthampton hopes you’re glad to hear from her
and that you’re doing all right
and that it might be nice
if you return her call
or any of the others she’s left
since the dancing
under impossible starlight.
Whenever you’re ready.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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