Disaster & Discovery

It always starts with a dumb thing:
the wrong words,
some evil phrase escaping twisted lips
effortlessly, elegantly,
natural as can be.

It always begins with cruelty
in the primary position
and accidental destruction following
doing more damage
almost unintentionally.
It is almost beautiful
how seamless the process has become:
Perfection in predation
like from a shark
or alligator,
it is glorious
just as it is horrifying.

Every time,
the horrors I produce
when I open my mouth…
it is astonishing.
I seem to never let you down,
do I?

How could you ever believe me
when I say I’m sorry
when I am clearly so masterful
at causing you such misery?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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