Mixed Connection

When you called at that ridiculous hour
blasting me out of a sound sleep
I thought surely this is an accident.
Your phone must have taken on a life of its own.
We had not spoken
for what felt like generations
as you clearly knew
and I assumed it was a drunk dial
a butt dial
a truth or dare dial.
Why would you be reaching out to me
after all this time?

I didn’t pick up.
I didn’t answer you.
I didn’t receive your call.

You know all this
of course.
You were on the other end of the phone
and you knew there was intent
and purpose and mission
behind the dial.
You knew the reason.
You left the message.

I understand more now.
I’m sorry I was so flippant.
I’m so sorry
I wasn’t there.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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