Fester Ring

The way they’re treating you?
The way you’re feeling?
Remember it.
Let it sink in.
Keep this in mind
and in gut
and all the way through your entire system.

When they chameleon change on you
– whether next week or next month,
whenever they see some value
in your flesh, your soul,
whatever aspect of you they choose to exploit –
at that time, recall this.
Think back on what they did
and how you feel
and the truth behind it.

Approval is ephemeral.
Kindness is fleeting.
They will forget their good thoughts
with a blink and then rend you again
upon the slimmest of whims.
You will never fit in.
They will not love you for what you are
for you are a freak
who won’t ever be able to fade
into any background.

They will stare.
They will judge.
They will know all they need to about you
without knowing a fucking thing.
This is your fate,
remember it
and remember this moment
so you’ll know why it feels like to cross them.
Let it fuel you.
Let it fire you.
Feel this flame within.
This is what you will live for now.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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