The Choice is Yours

Sure, you can push the release back.
You can schedule it whenever you want
– it’s your release.
You call the shots
but if you do
it’ll just be hanging over your head
all the longer.

Think: if you postpone
delay, fortify…
however you wanna describe it.
If you distract all the horses barreling
towards the floodgates,
or whatever metaphor mixer
you may go off to,
it halts your process.
You’re stuck in this state
of distress and disarray
for even longer.

It’s a choice.
It’s yours to make.
You can stop everything
until you’re good and ready
and comfortable with every aspect
of everything related
to the release.
You could wait until your next release is ready
if that’s what feels right to you
but the sword
will just be held over you

Is that what you want?
Up to you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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