Some Commentary at the Free Show

To the guy in the back of the room shouting
“Down in front! Down in front!”
over and over again
over the course of the evening
letting people know, apparently,
that he’s been inconvenienced
by the people who have chosen to stand in front of him:
I have a couple of thoughts.

Someone once said
that the definition of insanity
is repeating the same actions over and over
and expecting different results.
That person was wrong.
That’s not the definition of insanity
and it’s not even insane to repeat activities
and hope a change will come
but shouting didn’t work the first time, guy,
or the second,
and it’s just annoying for everyone.
Get up and talk to folks, all right?

It’s a crowded room.
There aren’t enough seats.
Chill out
or try to find a place that isn’t obstructed
or maybe go somewhere
where your sensibilities
aren’t so easily offended.

I couldn’t help but notice the frequency of your shouts
were far more frequent
when the people who were standing before you were black.
Interesting, huh?

Shouting “down in front” is technically accurate
from your point of view
but no one is up
at the front.
They’re up in the middle.
So shout “down in middle!”
or better
shut the fuck up.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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