The Mowed

Nobody talks about the Lawn Rock scene anymore
or any of the old bands back then
like Hard Crime Henley
or Pukka Style or any of the clubs
that used to scare all the neighbors
with the noise
and the kids crawling out at all hours
and the lawns, man,
all the fucking lawns!

I swear,
ever since Fresh Face and Dirk Evil broke up,
no one even says the phrase “Greener Days”
or dances the Mower.
It’s like no one remembers what it was about
and the old days have been swept away
like the scene never happened
but it did.
Those bands were great.
Those songs were something.

Wasn’t Bad Girl Upskirt EP perfection in dirty kid pop?
Why didn’t more people
get on the Lawn Rock bandwagon with that album
or even after
when the Lawn Rock Bandwagon comp was finally released?
What is wrong with the world?

Sometimes I weep
For what we have missed.
I think of the paradise
we could have lived in
had the world only succumbed
to the wonders of Lawn Rock
but now, instead, we suffer through this slanted enchanted galaxy of listen to nothing
but the slap of pavement.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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