Without Further Ado

This is a new song
barely written
its lyrics fresh on the page
not yet uttered once
by mortal lips.
This is virgin material we’re talking here.

It is newborn, the song,
still weaning on the milk of earlier tracks
by older artists.
It has many steps to take
before it can truly stand on its own
as an independent means of expression,
a single solitary work of art.
Still, this is a song now, recently hatched
and ready, perhaps, to be heard
by you, if you’re as excited to hear it
as it is to be heard.

This song was lifted
directly from a tweet by binkyvon.
Thanks for the inspiration, Binks,
without whom,
none of this would be possible.
Please enjoy
how your original thoughts have been elevated.

The tune is by Rachmaninoff
the recording
by Ani Oakton Quintet Players.

I see we’re out of time.
I look forward
to having another opportunity
to present this work
at some point
in the future.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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