You get a pass tonight
after what has just happened.
We’ll have peace tonight
because of what just occurred.
We’ll let things go
forget the recent past
because of the more recent past
and tonight
just for tonight
the valley will remain quiet.
Order shall remain our byword.
No violence shall exist between us
not this evening.
Not tonight.

We shall remain uneasy
I am sure
nothing like allies
but there will be no danger
not from me
and I will expect no threat from you.
We can maintain this in the short term
in memory of something older
at least for a moment.
At least for tonight.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
No, of course
we both do.
We know full well.
Let us hold onto this instant
and hope the light takes a long time
to break.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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