Getting Out in Front

She said she recognized me
from the open mic
a couple of weeks ago.
I said it was possible.
I’m a pretty memorable guy.
My name is Jon.
She nodded. She said I did poetry
or comedy or storytelling or journalism of something.
I said sure, something.
That’s why I do
when I go to the open mic.

I smiled
and I was laid back
because I am a very cool sort of cucumber.
Then she said I was wearing the same pants
and I felt a lot less chilled.

We’re talking an open mic
a couple weeks back, right?
I asked, and she was.
I nodded. I have other slacks like these,
I explained.
Maybe they just looked like them
she suggested.
That’s probably it, too
I said.

Maybe she was mistaken
or I had washed clothes between our meetings
or my fashion tastes run parallel,
so all my slacks bear similarities.

I do not wear the same pair of pants
for weeks on end
until someone notices
or someone can smell them.
I am not that sort of fellow.
It is important
that you understand that salient fact
before we have
any further conversations
and recognize that I actually have
more pants at home.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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