Opportunity Strikes Back

There are times when the chance comes before you
and you have to decide if you are boy
or girl
or fish enough
to take it
for opportunities of that ilk
do not simply turn tail
and come back in the door
the next day
ringing the doorbell with a jaunty iteration
of ‘shave and haircut’
attached to itself.
That ain’t how opportunities
go about their business.

Nope. In the infinite fertility
of the cruel universe
this is the one life you live,
the chance you get
so go. Have a ball.
Make a decision.
Do the daring or the dastardly
or the darned determined action you deserve.
Whatever gets boats floated.

Me, I’ve got a chance
to own the domain name
to bergeratbzgrill dot com
but a) do I dare bite the bullet
and take the plunge? and b)
what would I say to all the folks
who’d refuse to abandon
indiefly dot rubric slash bzgrill featuring colon Jon Berger dot html backslash Berger rocks really?

How can I address these issues
and quickly
before somebody snaps up
this prime virtual real estate?
Chances like this just don’t come
twice in a lifetime.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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