What Do We Know About Beau?

I heard he’s gone
after seeing him so recently
after not seeing him for quite so long.
He came and went like sheet in a gust
resting as needed,
gone as he must.

I lack all the details
and wish I had more
and until I learn aught, it’s all stored up as lore
and the legends will grow how he fell from great heights
or was felled by wolf bites
or got lost in kick fights

but the facts are the facts
in the world that we know
where we share all our souls
with new names at new shows
and the facts are the facts
and the world that we share
is one where we put out
but parts that we care to.

So what can I know
about the man I called Beau?
I hear that he’s gone.
Is that truly so?
I saw him so rarely;
if I see him never,
would that be so different
had his life not been severed?

I’m really not sure
since I thought of him rarely.
His presence was pleasant,
generosity fairly
consistent; I’m sure there are others for whom
a chill will be felt by his loss from the room.

For me? I’m glad to have known him
a bit.
And wish in his absence, I get more than a whit
of a chance to learn more
of who he had been
before I had known him
and after his begin.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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