Foreigner Provocateur

You don’t know what love is.
That’s the thing that’s grown clearer
and clearer
through this entire embarrassment
we’ve experienced of late.
You know some things,
like desire
and hunger
and frustration over being wronged
though your sense of right and wrong
could use some tempering,
a little bit of a fix.

You know all this, of course.
No one’s telling you anything new.
No one ever does;
You wouldn’t allow it.
But its clear
what you don’t know
is love.
It’s something you won’t let in
perhaps because it is dangerous
or too foreign
from your previous experience
or maybe not profane enough for you.

Who knows?
I don’t get it
can’t figure out what’s missing for you
but clearly
neither can you.

They always say
if you don’t want it
that’s when it’ll rush to your door
and maybe love has rushed to your door
time and time again
and you didn’t recognize it
because it was wearing Groucho glasses.

Take a class.
Figure this shit out.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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