What If

But what if there are no limits?
What if the boundaries are unknown
so you don’t know how to test them
or you have no idea where the fence is
so you have no way to swing for it?

Say you’re James Dean
or Jerry Lee Lewis
or Marlon Brando or a wild one,
ooh, baby, you’re a wild one,
and you’re asked what you’re rebelling against
and you wonder “what’ve you got?”
and there’s no response
because there’s nothing to rebel against
because anything and everything is possible
and you can do whatever you want?

What if the universe
is nothing but a complete totality
of “what if”s waiting to be answered
begging to be answered,
just a jar of genies
wishing for commands?

What if the sky is the limit
– but only figuratively
because the sky is not the limit
because there is really no limit?

Is there anything scarier than that?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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