It’s Not Love – Grave Return

No, you’re probably right.
I’m getting it wrong
misunderstanding the sequence.
I’m not familiar with all these terms.
It’s been a while, y’see.

It’s not love.
It must be something else that I’m feeling. Something simple or really primitive.
I wouldn’t understand love
not yet
not with you
I guess.

You’ve got a good point.
I just haven’t recognized it yet.
I can’t see so clearly
in this dim light.
If you turn the flames a little higher
perhaps I’ll understand
as well as you.

For now, though,
I’ll take your word
as surely you can tell the truth
as you have defined everything else so far.
It’s not love, is it?
And it never was.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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