The Subject of You

They are bored of me speaking about you.
I am bored of me speaking about you.
You is by far not my favorite vowel
– there is one I am so much more used
to luxuriating on
and my friends,
who used to complain about me always going on
about the subject of me,
it seems would prefer
I return to the vowel of I.
But I continue to light
over and over again
only on you.

I simply do not find myself
as interesting anymore.

Perhaps that will change
as I get to know you better.
It has happened before
when the flight of fancy becomes too familiar,
I grow bored
and become more fascinated with myself
as per the norm
but right now
all my focus seems to be
on your hand gestures
the way you enter a room
your mismatched socks
and your occasional warble.

I could go on indefinitely
regarding your delights
and do.
They wish I would change the subject
which frankly
is irrelevant.
All that matters
is what do you think?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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