The Art of the Deal

Deals are made after midnight.
Deals are made on street corners.
Deals are completed under tables
in dank back booths
while big-haired tight-skirted waitresses
look the other way.

Deals happen over handshakes.
Deals happen over milkshakes.
Deals happen over Shake Weights
and at Shake Shacks
and fishing shacks
and snack shacks and Dairy Queens
and also in Brooklyn.
Deals happen in all five boroughs
and over in Jersey, as well.

Deals gets developed in cars, in bars,
while golfing on par,
or fishing for char,
or, or, maybe sometimes at Mar-a-Lago, I guess?
A stopped clock is right twice a day.

Deals happen all the time.
Some good.
Lots bad.
Some’re bargains.
Some’re crap.
A few are so easy
but most simply sap all your energy to sign
on the line every time
it’s a crime to design
the right script on
deadline? Ugh!
It’s a mess.

Deals happen every day.
Make sure
youi’re on the right side
of yours.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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