The Disciple

The mentor sits at the feet of the student impatiently
waiting for the presentation to begin.
He attempts to display placidity
but the student is slow, stupid,
and wasting everybody’s time
with today’s display of hubris.
The mentor will provide sage advice
at the session’s end
and their endless lessons
will continue tomorrow.

But the presentation is a success.
Everyone is amazed
at the student’s prowess
and skill
and congratulates her on all that she has accomplished.
They congratulate the teacher, too,
for having molded the mentee so well
into such an excellent acolyte.

The master praises his charge,
accepts all accolades
and quietly collects all the critiques
he has prepared.
He will share them, perhaps,
another day,
when there are far fewer witnesses.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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