White Peach Power

Your old, old
old old friend is in town
and you haven’t seen her
in a long, long
long long time
but there’s this new white peach soda
that’s available tonight at this club you go to
and they’ve got a limited supply
and if you don’t get down there before midnight
you might miss your chance
to enjoy the first taste
of that delicious fruity drink.

You don’t think your
real old friend
from way back when
would really appreciate the nuances
of carbonated beverages;
it’s one of the many ways
you have simply grown apart
so you make your excuses
give her the slip
and go out to the place
(called, appropriately enough,
Club Soda),
and get your lips around a sip
of the white peach soda
and it is good.

You have grown up
and so has your old friend
who is also at the club
with her own soft drink:
a blood orange smoothie.

Truly, you two have changed.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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