The lesson you learn is
if you let yourself be vulnerable
others will will see your weakness
and offer to help
and save you from the encroaching cold
and leave you in a better position
than you would have otherwise found yourself.

The lesson of today
is that you can find what you need
if you leave yourself open
available so that the universe can provide
what you truly want.
If you need succor, then shiver before the compassionate.
If you need candy, then drool in front of the Lindt storefront.
If you need land, then move next to those
who do not believe
in the ownership of personal property.

If you need food in winter,
live next to suckers who’ll feed you
before you execute the plan
to exterminate.
That’s the lesson of today.
Enjoy turkey.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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