On Music Row

There was a place
where they wrote songs.
They wrote them short.
They wrote them long.
They wrote them long.
They wrote them short.
They did it all
with boss support.

They wrote the songs
on Music Row
and all day long
the line they’d tow.
Yes, they’d work hard
to earn their pay
just writing hit
songs every day.

Some tunes were bad.
Some tunes were great.
The best you love;
the worst you hate.
The best would fly
on angel’s wing
and most were written
by a King.

At writing songs,
the King was best.
Put to a test?
She beat the rest.
Compared to she,
others felt hollow.
Where she would lead,
the rest must follow.

The story ends
as you’d assume
with a photo
shot in a room
of just the King
there with her cat
cov’ring a disk
beating all records flat.

On Music Row
the writers there
were better than
else anywhere.
And that’s why now
everyone knows
you write, you get respect
wherever you go!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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