Bob Spelt Backwards

That dream
the one where you broke up with Bob,
it happened again.
You came to me after,
like always,
and told me how you needed comfort,
you needed me
if only for a little while,
and you were beautiful,
more beautiful
than you are in real life,
which means, well,

So you offered me the keys to the queendom,
the affection I had always hoped for
if only for a little while,
because you were lonely, desolated,
and you needed someone
to help you through the first few nights.
I knew I would be a just a tool
but it was like a dream
to get what I wanted most.

But I said “No” this time,
because it wasn’t really what I wanted most
but maybe only the best I could hope for
and dream me wasn’t having it.
He said he didn’t want to just fill in for you.
that if he
– if I –
was going to love you
it was going to be for real.
For good.
And before you responded
the dream ended.

I don’t know what I ate last night
to make me like that
but I’m glad it was just a dream
because let me be clear:
in reality,
if you want me
for a single minute
I am here to comfort you
to help you
to do whatever you need
whatever my mother, kids
or wife or the state
has to say about it.

What the hell are dreams anyway?
Oh, and by the way:
Bob’s an idiot.
That was in the dream?
Never mind.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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