Ridiculous Colors

I warned you:
of all the things
you can’t say you weren’t given due notice.
I told you I was a cunt right up front
a case of deformed adolescence
and unreformed delinquency.
I said I stole feelings
and ate them
and shat them out
in ridiculous colors
to grow into hideous
previously unimagined flora.

I did everything I could
not to sell you a bill of goods
to avoid this very look on your face
of shock and disappointment
and – is that a tear?
Of course it’s a tear!
I told you this would end in tears.
Such a relief that they aren’t mine
this time!

I told you this would end horribly.
I warned you.
Maybe next time
you’ll listen.
Next time
when we tumble into each other
you’ll believe me.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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