A Slow Boat to Albuquerque

Any day now, I’m getting out of here
moving on
taking a slow boat to Albuquerque.
I swear,
as soon as I’ve got enough in the bank
and Momma Nonni’s gotten my lucky socks darned
with the right special rituals
and I’ve guess the correct number of Pez
in the cookie jar.

I just need to get my ducks aligned
before I make the big move.
Sort out all the angles
and have odds evened
and all that.
It’s important that chance be left out
when I’m ready to get out of here
– though I’m ready now.

God, I’m ready.
I would leave today
– this very second –
if my socks were darned.

And all the other stuff.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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