Era’s End

And then one day,
POOF! It was gone.
After months of lovelorn poems
insane hearts and arrows in ridiculous positions
inexplicable devotion
demonic possession
all the interest inherent in your investment,
the spell was broken
and you found yourself out of the fevered state
that had affected you
– infected you –
for too long.

What changed?
What road diverged to make you a different creature
than the one dogging her steps just hours before?
Was it a few extra hours sleep
or the results of some change of medication?
Why were you somehow able to resist the charms
that had overpowered
so completely
so absolutely
oh, so recently?

You’re smarter now:
seeing things more clearly
less through the haze of passion.
Your eyes are not fogged with a hunger
or desire
or – even the need to describe the state in detail was passing. But still, what made you past the thing
that had trapped you before?

Does it matter?
You’re free of that love sickness
but you know full well
you’re going to be caught again
any time now.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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