Chinese Bull

There are so many pillows here
so many ruffles
so much lace.
It is hard to move freely
with the degree of refinement
all around me.

This is unfortunate.
I am uncomfortable
the veritable bull in China,
shopping around for some kind of trouble,
unaware of what he’s doing
unclear of what world he’s walking into.
Why is everything so soft here?
Why are my horns so hard?

I don’t know where to turn
for fear of doing harm
for fear of doing wrong.
What won’t I break
with my dastardly bastard hands?
I do not belong.
I should go
from this place of pillows and lace.
I should be somewhere rougher
where everything is not in danger
of my tough.
I must go somewhere safe
from me.

After the scented candles and tea
have wafted through the room
I will go
from this alien place
that I could ever truly understand.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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