Soulful Sort

When you asked me to kill the sluggish rat
probably poisoned and ill
crawling in the gutter
looking for a place to die,
I thought you were joking
so I laughed off your words
and went about my day.

I ignored the seriousness
the compassion underlying your request.
I am not the most soulful sort
and didn’t understand the need
in your plea
so I let the creature
and you
Now, you have my apology,
years after the rat
had an awful ending.

This, what I offer now,
is too little
and far too late,
but the next time
you ask me to kill something,
whether rat or cat
or some Matt in a hat
with a bat ’till he’s flat,
it shall be done
immediately, no questions asked.

Whatever I can do
to make that last thing right.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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