One Job

You gave me one thing to do
one simple thing.
It wasn’t difficult to understand
and the consequences were made quite clear;
I knew what would happen
if I couldn’t handle the job.
One thing
and I couldn’t do it.

I thought it would be easier
figured I could handle the responsibility
thought I could fake it
’til I made it.
Why would I think ‘faking it’
was a viable option?
Damnit, I am not cut out
for suitable behavior.
I’m just not.

I fucked this one up
which you might have suspected
when you only gave me one thing to do.
In fact, maybe you even insured coverage
so I wouldn’t be the only one
to handle this
so if I messed it up
everything wouldn’t go to hell.

Is that it?
Was there redundancy for my part?
My one dumb thing?
Please, can you tell me
that my one job
was given to a better man?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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