The Other Answer

You asked me a question
which maybe was the question
but I didn’t see it
or hear it, rather,
at the time.
I didn’t recognize the import
even though I found it somewhat significant
at the moment in question
when you posed it
– the question, I mean.

You asked if I was worried about you
and you seemed a little worried as you said it
as if you were concerned
about the fact that people might be worried about you
and I explained
that I wasn’t worried
so much as concerned
– which was true.
And is true.
I am concerned about you.

But I realize
after the fact
that while I spoke the truth
I actually avoided the truth
because while I do often act
out of concern for you
it is always truly because I care.
I care about you
and am looking for ways to care for you
that I would not be concerned about
for some other mere mortal.

It is a relevant distinction, I think,
but one that didn’t occur to me
to make in the heat of conversation
and is probably the real answer
to the real question
that you were asking
in the conversation
when we were speaking about such things.

This is to say,
unless I misunderstood everything
which is always
a very certainly possibility.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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