Vegan Patty

Yes, I see you striving,
struggling to be a better person.
I see how hard it is
no matter how very much you have improved
in such a short time.
It is stunning
what you have done.
It is really quite staggering.

Whatever your accomplishments
and however proud I may be
it is still quite lovely to see
that despite how you combat it so admirably
you continue to crave meat.

You can’t rid yourself
of all your baser instincts,
can you?
All the primitive things
that make you muddy and base,
like us,
still are part of your biology,
your chemistry cannot be purged
even with some physic.

You seek to be clean and chaste and pure
but there is darkness within you
a taste of the demon.
You still crave blood and flesh
and I am happy
to be with you
to provide whatever you may need.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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