Every Witch Way But Lose

Please try to stay with me on this
because the path is wavy
and the logic tenuous
at best:

I recited a poem the other day
about losing a hundred dollars
and a day later
wrote a poem about willing thought
into action.
I do not believe about willing thought
into action
and the poem
is about the power
of negative thinking.

The day after
I lost hundreds of dollars
but also got really good news
that was maybe because
I had done good work
and had done the right thing
and had earned something
so maybe I had put thought to action
and good had come of it.

So I’m wondering now
between these pieces
if maybe the power has been in me
all along
and that perhaps
I am a witch.

I’m sorry.
I did that wrong.

I am a witch
and I can make things happen.

I can encant
and it shall be so.
My words have become truth
and it is so
my words have become truth.
you get me?

So, with this realization
and this power uncovered
let me start with this:
I want my money back.

Maybe later.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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