Sarah Smile

Quit your job. It doesn’t deserve you.
Quit your job. They don’t treat you right.
Quit your job. Why should you spend
so many daylight hours just to make it through the night?

Quit your job and go out hunting,
looking for something that is better to do.
That’s a task that I think you’re up to.
Unless you’re afraid that’s more’n you can chew?

Quit your job. Get outta that place!
Quit your job. Find a new space!
Quit your job. It’ll be hella weak
if you’re still there complaining same time, next week.

Just quit that job. Quit it today.
“Quit that job!”‘s about all I can say
– but if you’ll allow me to add, if I may,
one more thing, it’d be “Quit that job!” OK?

Quit that job! Get the idea?
Quit that job! Get outta here!
Quit that job, cuz there’s no reason in town
for you to keep with the excuses and just stick around.

Quit that job, is the point of this piece.
Quit that job, and I’ll leave you in peace.
Even if you have to con, beg, or rob,
it’s clear that it’s time that you go quit that job.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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