Bubba Mufungi

The day after I declared myself witch
the girl of my dreams
invited me to lunch
(it was vegan cuisine,
so there were limits
on my powers).

The Great Bubba Mufungi
once told me
that his people
would do anything
that he asked of them;
his secret
was never to ask too much.

I think the secret
of my nascent sorcery
is the capacity for retroactive madness:
to look into the recent past
and restructure the events,
making order and sense
where little had been.
Others have called this history.
I call this the mystery of my magic.

I shall will the world to my way
through writing things into being
and then claiming I meant them that way.
Next up:
the sky’s the limit
(but just what do I mean
by that…?)!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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