Nobody’s Eyes

I keep saying the same thing
with numbing redundancy
because dull as it sounds
this truth remains evident.
There are nobody’s eyes
I want upon me
so much as yours
but the way you look at me
is ever so scary.

What you may see
frightens me.

You claim not to judge
but we both know how good you you are
at that very simple thing
and though I see only kindness in your gaze
what if I’m missing the pity?
I am petrified of how pathetic
you may know Me to be.

I’m sure the only reasonable thing
left to do
is to blind myself to your charms
so I need never see you look at me
again, but I don’t know
if I could bear that
just as
I can’t imagine this life
with your eyes boring into me
on and on
like that

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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