Two Subjects

Don’t you ever get tired of yourself
and your self-involved bullshit
the way the rest of us do?
Really, how often can you go on
about the same three subjects
you, yourself and you
when going from first to second person,
narrows down
to two subjects anyway?
You are tiresome
and I am tiresome
for going on about you
in this instant.

I swore I wouldn’t do this
(break down and give you this time of day)
but I couldn’t bear
the silent treatment
and just let you ramble on
about whatever suffering
struck you as relevant today.
What was it:
available breakfast cereals
at your local market
and how they ran out of the size
of the brand of the flavor you prefer
and how it may be a conspiracy
against the particular branch
of your specific monotheistic cult?
See, I try not to listen
but the drone sometimes sporadically seeps in.

I shouldn’t have opened up this dialog
but you shouldn’t have been talking
in the first place at all.
We should just go our separate ways,
just two subjects,
divided by as much space
as distant will allow.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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