Just a Fantasy

In my fantasy relationship with you
we are chaste and perfect
not so unlike the reality of our situation
where we speak sporadically
with friendly overtones
but none of the intensity that exists
in imagination.

In my fantasy relationship with you
– the second we’ve shared this year –
I have seen you as a mentor
my esteemed educator
despite my elderly eminence.
It’s just something about you
or how I see you
from this distance perch.
Surely, I could attempt to peer closer
to get a better view of the you
that’s really true
but it’s really pretty clear that,
outside creative envisionment,
our love would take little root
bear no fruit
land no fish – but many a boot.

In my fantasy relationship with you
we dine together often
in many subjects and succulents
that would not occur in dreary reality.
It’s not the real thing.
It couldn’t pass a three dimensional test,
my two dimensional pretendarie,
but it remains nice to think about
until you are ready
to educate me otherwise.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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