Will Wilt

The flowers were cheap.
I got a good deal
and they looked lonely
on the shelf there.
I just thought,
“If I don’t buy them,
nobody will, and they will wilt and die here,
and that will be a dastardly crime
against nature”
so I did what I could
to defend Mother Nature
from an offense
that could not be tolerated.

I bought the flowers
which were sold for a song
and I thought you were the sort of person
who might happen to appreciate
their sort of beauty
because of your sort of beauty
and since I just so happened to be
in your part of the country
I just jetted on over here
to present these to you
because I thought
you just might get a kick out of them.

Also, I might love you.

Do you need a vase?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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