Yous In-Between

You’re better than this
or thought you were,
when you were younger, maybe,
perhaps, when you were more subjective.

Possibly you were stupid then
and you are wiser now
and more aware of your own proclivities,
or maybe you’ve just grown more judgmental
– but that’s nigh unto impossible.
You were born judgmental
and the likelihood that you have gotten better
at such a primal thing
is very slight indeed.

you are better
– if not than you
at a prior time,
then that what you are doing now
which is beneath you –
both the you of today and yesterday
and all the yous in-between.

You should be ashamed
and change your ways
and do things better
and be better
and less like that
and more like what you know you should be
which is
you know full well
far better than this.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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