Blinded by the Night

On this darkened path I travel in the middle of the night
on a speedened bumped road I ride, a’glistened by moonlight.
I would think to take a break, or veer off-course, or somehow stray
but I have yet to see an exit and the road is all one-way.

The street is going nowhere, but it seems so everlong
and all the signs and portents, like the middle of a song,
seem to suggest that I’m heading to a place of great renown,
but I wouldn’t know for sure; I’ve never even seen this town.

I am blinded by the luminescence – or rather, by its lack
and while the midnight continues, all is fading into black
and I have miles to go before I sleep or even get to stop.
It is at times like these you actually pray to spot a cop

for only in these moments may the long arm of the law
express itself as benefit and save you from the maw
of emptiness and loneliness of the road just on and on.
Let something please come save me from this driving ’til I’m gone.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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