Will fuck for food.
Will fuck for shelter.
Will fuck for sleep
for cash
for fun.
Will fuck for peanut butter pie
every fucking day
– every fucking hour
of every fucking day.
will fuck for any sort of cake, really,
even day old.

Will fuck for work.
Will fuck for fun.
Will fuck for love
or lust
or the listless abandon
of a lazy Sunday morning
if the opportunity presented itself.
Will fuck if the opportunity presents itself.

Will fuck for candy.
will fuck for clothes.
Will fuck for the choice between
either one of those.
Will fuck for sex.
Will fuck to end the argument
or to end the conversation
if it’s going in an uncomfortable direction.
Will fuck for forty minutes
or forty seconds
depending on your available time frame.

Will fuck as long as I can keep holding
this sign up.
just as long
as I can
it up.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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