When they put you to the test
When they decide how to judge you
When the light is put firmly and solidly to you
with the wattage up
and the blaze flaring before your one good eye
When they glare and interrogate
and ask you their questions
and choose to come to conclusions
as to just what you are
When they put you in the spot
to figure out the spot
they will put you in next
and next
and next

When they put you to the test
you are put to another test
but not by them.

You can chose
to be judged by them
or to judge yourself.
You can pass their tests
or your own.
you can decide
as many do
where their goals and yours
and then master what skills they may wish
that fit your master plan as well.

All these are options
– multiple choices before you.
Never forget, though,
as the lights blaze
before your sweating one good eye,
just who may be the master.
Never forget
whose test it is
you must finally pass.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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