Modern Technology Being What It Is… 28

Hey… HEY!
I know it’s been a little while.
And I might look a little different.
Its just… the years, huh?
I’ll make this quick.
You know how time travel’s theoretically impossible?

I just got this Time Transferral Portal
which lets me go back and review
my personal history
which means I got to go and see
just what our first three months was like
and I owe you all sorts of apologies.

No: let me speak!
I was able to observe my behavior
from the distance of ancient history
and let me just say
I was not a pretty picture.
Not one bit.
You were so patient with me
so kind
and you didn’t deserve one third
of the things I said about you
– the less said about that
the better.

I didn’t deserve you then
and you didn’t deserve what I did
so I totally deserve what’s coming
’cause the TT Portal’s experimental
and I don’t think I’m long for the present
since I’ll discorporate any time now
and become a thing of the past

which is just as well.
After all this time
I finally see
it’s all I deserve
but, oh, shit,
you don’t recognize me, do you?
Have I already been written out of time?

All I wanted to do was apologize
but I see I’m too late.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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